MVA Support

By subscribing to Micafluid’s Machine Virtual Assistance (MVA) Support Platform, users have instant remote access to their machine. The company’s MVA system quickly enables organisations to remotely view and act on the oil treatment operation, reducing transport and operator costs.

On-site Support

Our skilled team is well travelled and ready to deliver on-site support around the world.

On-Site Training

During training and commissioning, Micafluid AG process – engineers perform training for the operators at our workshop in Switzerland. This can also be done at customer‘s facilities on-site. The operators are trained in the concepts around “best practice”, process control, operation and maintenance. If malfunctions or interruptions of the operation occur, are our engineers available 24hrs a day to assist the operators on-site.

Spare Parts

Micafluid AG OEM Spare parts and components are available through our Swiss Service Center. Our team is on hand to provide professional advice and expert assistance to help accurately identify your needs.

Plant Retrofit

Micafluid and Micafil plants can be refurbished to be state of the art. Our specialists will be able to propose a catalogue for new or updated parts to be fitted to old or outdated assemblies.


We pride ourselves in our engineering know-how and experience which provides us with the proprietary skills needed to design and execute both simple and complex projects with the expected Swiss ingenuity and quality.

Repair and Maintenance

Oil treatment plants, vacuum pump units as well as regeneration units which require maintenance are completely repaired and tested by Micafluid AG service specialists. A detailed service protocol indicates the state of the unit at arrival, performed work, testing as well as new guaranteed performance after maintenance.